Changing protocols

SHS puts regulations back in place due to rising COVID-19 cases


Gretchen Turner

Principal Brian Knight is discussing the new COVID-19 procedures. He’s trying to maintain a sense of normalcy while also incorporating safety.

 This afternoon SHS staff met in the auditorium for a meeting with Principal Brian Knight to discuss the new COVID-19 protocols for the school. 

While not everything SHS is doing is new, there are some protocols being put in place that were used last year. 

Starting Monday Aug. 16, contact tracing will be instilled in the school again. However, if a student is wearing a mask, they will not be contacted by the school to quarantine. 

“We’re still a mask-optional school, but I think there are some things that (teachers) can help with if we get there,” said Knight. 

In an effort to further control positive cases, students now have to sit with their assigned classes during their lunch period. Part of this means that students will need to walk to their teacher’s room if they have first lunch. 

Teachers can also help by walking their students down to the cafeteria and have them sit at their assigned tables. 

A new plan set in place by Perry Township considers positivity rates throughout the school. 

If 3% of the students at SHS are confirmed to be positive, then the school will mandate masks for 14 days. If it reaches 10%, then the schedule will be changed to hybrid (alternating in-person and hybrid days) for 14 days. 

If the school positivity rate reaches 13%, then students will be sent home and have a virtual schedule for 14 days. 

In addition to those stipulations, Perry Township is saying if a student or teacher shows two or more symptoms they will be sent home for 10 days. 

If students present a negative COVID-19 test prior to the end of their quarantine then they can return to school. 

“Classroom-wise, I don’t want you to change a bunch of practices,” said Knight. “These things are in place to hopefully allow us to continue to work as we get back to normal.”