Lashes of confidence

SHS Senior runs her own lash business


A client shows off her new set after her first session. To book an appointment go to Perez’s Instagram: @hailislashes

Senior Haili Perez cares about not only looking good, but feeling good too.

In order to spread this feeling, she created a business to make those around her feel beautiful.  Perez owns a self-led eyelash business. 

“A lot of people feel insecure about themselves,” Perez said. “And when they see themselves with eyelashes, it boosts their confidence.“ 

Perez first started her business around March. Before Perez started her business, her mom was the one that encouraged her. Perez’s mother, Amada Vazquez Rojas, would get her lashes done frequently and this made Perez learn how to do them. Rojas then took her to get lash lessons so that Perez could learn more about lashes and getting started. 

As Perez began her journey, she felt nervous that her business would not go well. Despite the initial hesitation she felt, once she started seeing her business grow on social media, she gained confidence. 

“Even if you’re not thinking that your progress is good, it will get better the more you practice,” Perez said.

Perez currently has about 20 customers in total and her price is $40 per set.

 Perez claims that once she starts getting more experienced, she will raise the price to a much higher cost. 

Several of her clients feel that the price range is reasonable considering she just started. Other businesses would charge more than $40 but Perez decided that she wants to keep the price range at a lower cost for students. 

One of her first customers, senior Abigail Craft, got her lashes done by her. 

One of Perez’s customers asked for a ‘cat eye’ look. Perez offers various eyelash looks.

“She was very gentle and my lashes lasted for about three weeks,” Craft said. “I would absolutely recommend girls at Southport or anyone, in general, to get their lashes by Haili.”

One of her other customers, junior Elizabeth Tial, feels that Perez was very professional. Tial says that, although the environment was at Perez’s own home, her procedure and the way Perez handled her customers were very professional. 

Tial feels that the afterlook of the lashes makes a person feel and look refreshed. She would often get compliments from others saying how her lashes looked flirtatiously natural. 

“It’s pretty nice to see someone do an at-home business,” Tial said. 

As Perez continues her eyelash journey, one of her main goals is opening up her own shop. Until then, she’ll stay true to her motto and continue perfecting her craft.