An ‘insight into Japanese culture’

Anime club reopened with new goals in mind


Grace Wilson

Anime club president, senior Macey Lukas, talks to the group about their Halloween party. According to Lukas, this party will help them with cosplay skills.

Anime Club is open for the first time since 2019. Members of the club and the sponsor, SHS teacher Rico Gonzalez, have worked hard on not only reopening the club, but adding various improvements and new goals.
“It is nice to see the excitement back,” Gonzalez said. I mean, the kids that want anime club are so enthusiastic about it.”
Gonzalez has found a variety of new activities that he wants the club to be a part of this year. Those activities range from fundraising throughout the school year to simply doing more in the actual club meetings.
In the past, the meetings had always been more of a hang out opportunity rather than actually doing productive anime related activities. The club is now becoming a place where their members can still hang out while also participating in more club related activities.
“We talk about everything, games, movies, anime. We’ll watch some even,” Gonzalez said. As of right now it is a place where a bunch of weebs can hang out and feel good around other weebs.”
The fact that the club now has the chance to raise fu

Lukas discusses her cosplay plans to fellow club members. Their Halloween party will give the members a chance to experiment with cosplay. (Gra)

nds for themselves and have the time to do their planned activities is considered an improvement from the last time the club was opened. This ability to get more funds will hopefully bring the club closer to their future plans.
They are hoping to organize an end of the year festival where all clubs, sports and even some classes would come together and contribute.
According to Gonzalez, the festival would give Americans insight into Japanese culture.
“Something they do in Japan is hold a school festival,” Gonzalez said. “High school movies in America end the school year with prom. In anime, they end the year with a festival.”
The festival would have the school involved in something huge. It would also be another way to celebrate the end of the school year instead of just having prom. Gonzalez says trying to get other classes involved is like an invitation to join and a little challenge to make it happen.
The club’s president, senior Macey Lukas, also says the club plans to work on more projects this year and get more involved in the culture of anime.
Since there is more to do in the club because of its reopening, Gonzalez is hoping that there will be more numbers this year than they have had in the past, which would allow them to do more activities.
Lukas, who has been involved in the club since her freshman year, says that she is excited for the club to be reopened this year.
“I was excited to start the club again,” Lukas said. “The year before, we didn’t really get to see everybody, and it feels great to see everyone again.”
Activities like cosplaying and making

Anime club members reconnect. The club closed in 2019 due to COVID-19, so the members weren’t able to see each other. (Grace)

Japanese food are just a few things they are doing in club meetings in order to get more involved in Japanese culture.
Senior Steven Taylor, who has been in the club since his freshman year, has experienced these different ways of getting involved in Japanese culture.
“We do pretty fun stuff like last time we put icing on anime cookies and turned them into little characters,” Taylor said. “The time before that someone brought in food from an anime and it tasted amazing.”
According to Taylor, the members of the club are planning an upcoming Halloween party. This Halloween party will be a chance for the members to try out cosplaying characters from anime and really getting into the culture anime revolves around.
In the future, club meetings will take place every Thursday after school until 3:30 p.m., and everyone is welcome to join in at any point in the year.
“It doesn’t matter what experience you have with anime. Even if you’re a newcomer. Just come join,” Lukas said. “It doesn’t matter if you haven’t watched anime. Maybe we can help you find one you like and give recommendations.”

Gonzalez talks with some of the club members. This was one of the first club meetings in two years. (Grace)