Proud to represent

Junior combines his love for volleyball with his culture


Khambawilian Thangngan standing alongside his team. This photo is used to represent their team.

Junior Khambawilian Thangngan once thought of volleyball as just a hobby. With the encouragement of friends, he turned this hobby into something that would impact his whole community.
Thangngan is a proud representative of the Chin Youth Organization volleyball team.
“I feel like playing with the organization helped me become a better person,” Thangngan said.
On June 29, he decided to go with his friends and try out for the team. Initially, he had doubts, but his practice at home had paid off. Thangngan was selected to be a part of this team.

Khambawilian Thangngan smiling for his solo portrait. Playing volleyball instills joy in him.

“I’m not one to give up easily,” Thangngan said.
The Chin Youth Organization of North America has sporting events every two years and competitions where Chin youth from each state can compete against each other. The players will participate in different games and make their way up the bracket to the championship game.
Usually, these events are held during the summer, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, the date got moved to Sept. 5. The game took place in Columbus, Ohio.
Before games, the team usually pray together. Coach Van Thawng asked the players if anyone wanted to start the prayer. Since no one volunteered, Thangngan asked if he could.
“We give glory to God because He gave us the strength and skills,” Thawng said.
They ended the game with victory and Thangngan was filled with nothing but gratitude and joy.
He says that being a part of this team has helped him gain leadership skills but also aided in his character development.
“I feel like playing in CYO helped me be a better person,” Thangngan said.