A highlight of heartbreak

The album cover for Adeles new album, 30. This album was a product to her recent divorce.
Picture from Apple Music

The album cover for Adele’s new album, “30.” This album was a product to her recent divorce. Picture from Apple Music

Adele has received many Grammys, Academy Awards and Billboard Music Awards for her music throughout the years. Overall, I believe that Adele produces great music that many people love. One thing I don’t love though, is her newest album, “30.”

All of the songs contain the same rhythm and tone throughout the entire album. The lack of variation was boring, which contributed to me disliking the album.

The songs project sadness and I understood why The Daily Beast referred to this album as a highlight of the “emotional brutality of her divorce.” However, that’s not the type of feeling I want to have all the time when listening to an album. 

The emotions behind the songs were all the same and crushing, but I think that the album should have a more diverse tone throughout the songs

“Easy on me” has been the one song I’ve heard all over social media and it stood out to me. At first, I didn’t want to like it. It was like any other heartbreak song I’ve heard before.

This song grew on me though. It moved me. It made me feel sorry for Adele and what she was going through. It felt different when I listened to it. 

I wanted to play this song on repeat just to sympathize with Adele. I think that’s what she was going for though. 

If I could feel this way with all of the songs in the album, I might have liked it more. I know she was trying to get her audience to feel that way throughout the album, but I just couldn’t. Something was missing to get me to that point. 

The tone just made the rest of the album upsetting to listen to. Yes, I wanted to sing along. But, I wanted some upbeat songs that I could also scream at the top of my lungs. Not just sad ones. 

Overall, my opinion stands that Adele is a talented artist and produces great work. I just wish this album had more.