Not just about height

A review on “Tall Girl 2”

Cover photo from the movie Tall Girl 2. Photo from netflix

Cover photo from the movie “Tall Girl 2.” Photo from netflix

“Tall Girl 2” recently came out on Netflix, and I can say that I like the first one better. 

The “Tall Girl” series initially caught my eye when the first movie came out back in 2019. I knew that Ava Michelle, who plays the lead role, Jodi, was on the television show “Dance Moms” back in season four and five. I loved watching “Dance Moms” so I was very interested in seeing what Michelle was up to now. I didn’t know the producers of the original “Tall Girl” planned to make a second movie. The first movie ended off at a good point and a second movie wasn’t needed in my opinion. One movie was sufficient enough. 

In the first movie, Jodi was getting bullied for being as tall as she is. Towards the end of the movie, she stands up for herself and by the second movie she’s popular. Jodi also ends up meeting this Swedish guy. He ends up playing her and Jodi eventually ends up getting in a relationship with her best friend. This is a normal high school drama if I’m being honest. 

I can say that the second movie was intriguing. My eyes were set on the screen as soon as it started and it was hard to take my eyes off. 

The movie started with the recap from the first movie After that, the film moved into the new plot and I can say that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. 

The new plot consisted of Jodi being popular instead of being bullied and her facing new high school problems. 

Since this movie is based in high school, the writers tried to make it as close as possible to their version of high school. Friend drama, relationship drama, rivalries, jealousy and even parties were incorporated into this movie. 

The writers of the movie did this well though. Each thing was subtle and the sense of drama wasn’t dragging on during the whole movie. The drama was here and gone in a short amount of time which made it less overwhelming. The parties were like a normal prom or homecoming here at SHS, not the stereotypical frat party the media depicts high school parties are like.

I also enjoyed the fact that they focused on realistic life problems. The problems were not just school problems, but anxiety attacks, stress that parents put on us and the overwhelming amount of work we put on ourselves just to please parents. 

Jodi ends up having an anxiety attack because of all the stress her parents put on her. I think a lot of teens can relate to this scene. Maybe not in the sense of anxiety attacks but in the sense of having a constant, burdening pressure to do well in school and to make parents proud. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and would watch it again. This movie may not have been needed for the storyline, and the writers could have cut it off after the first movie, but it was a good movie. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in my life.