‘Keeping a flow of leadership’

Anchor introduces first Co-Editor-in-Chief in two years


Photo by Grace Elder

Junior Olivia Graphman and Sophomore Rin Diki work on a spread for Anchor. They will serve as Editor-in-Chief and Co-Editor-in-Chief, respectively.

Having gone without one for the last two years, The Anchor has brought back the role of Co-Editor-in-Chief, and it will be fulfilled next year by sophomore Rin Diki.

During the previous two years, The Anchor operated under one single person who would serve the leadership role because of the pandemic. Now, with the pandemic easing down, the role has made a return and will be put into effect once the next school year begins.

Sam Hanley, yearbook advisor, explained that prior to the pandemic, the Co-Editor-in-Chief would be in charge of content, such as the process of developing stories and overviewing that graphics match with stories. They would also serve as an intern of sorts to the Editor-in-Chief.

We were looking for a current sophomore who would be then in a leadership role both the junior and senior year so we can really keep a flow of leadership,” Hanley said.

Rin Diki, current writer and future Co-Editor-in-Chief, expressed her initial concerns and worries upon hearing the news that she was selected for the role. She explained that she didn’t believe she was cut out for the role and didn’t know how well she would handle the workload that comes with it.

“I was actually really anxious at first,” Diki said. “Hope Reynolds, the previous or I guess the current right now Editor-in-Chief, I really looked up to her and I always thought that she was a really good leader and had really good leadership qualities, and I feel like I didn’t see that in myself.”

However, despite her initial worries, Diki already has a couple of changes in mind that she wants to see implemented into The Anchor next year.

One of those changes that she wishes to see happen during her time as Co-Editor-in-Chief is to do check ups on people, along with installing stricter deadlines as their current way of doing things allowed for students to hold off their work months and months beforehand.

Diki also wants to give the newcomers for next year a better idea of what they’re supposed to do as a staffer as she had some difficulties during her time as one. She plans to go over the rules of journalism more thoroughly with the new staffers to give them a better understanding of the fundamentals for their writing.

“I want to help the staffers have a little bit more of an idea of what they’re doing going into it because I know that as a staffer when I was writing stories at the beginning of the year, I didn’t really know what I was doing and it took me like the first or second beat that I had to kind of like better my stories,” Diki said.

Junior Olivia Graphman, current copy editor and future Editor-in-Chief, is excited to work alongside Diki the upcoming year. She started off as a staffer just like Diki during her sophomore year, and over time she worked her way up the roles to where she is now.

“I’m super excited, last year when they told me that I was gonna be the copy editor it was kind of a surprise I didn’t really expect it, but when they told me that I was gonna be the copy editor they kind of like expected for me to be the Editor-In-Chief senior year so I’ve kind of like always known about it,” Graphman said.

Graphman hopes to put more emphasis on the design and writing portion of the yearbook for the following year rather than the staff getting beats and their work done for the sake of getting it done.

Both Diki and Graphman are equally excited to work side by side in helping lead The Anchor next year. They both believe that it was the work they produced and their dedication that led to them earning their roles and the two of them can’t wait to show what they have to offer.

“I think that she’s an extremely capable person and I know that she was copy editor this year and she always gave really good feedback, she was always really nice and actually took time to communicate with people,” Diki said. “She’s a little bit soft spoken sometimes but she definitely has the qualities to be a leader, and she’s very reliable.”