The real heroes of the school

Janitorial and cafeteria workers deserve more recognition for what they do

The real heroes of the school

As a junior, I have walked through the COVID-19 times of high school. People come and go, people change and forget the fact that there are new faces around SHS.

I notice the updated lunches on the menu, most likely an effect after hiring more people to work in the cafeteria. Even if it wasn’t, the variety of options I can choose from makes it all the better. 

I spot janitors cleaning room after room as they play music out loud. They converse in an almost animated way, which is very sweet. Having after school extracurricular activities has allowed me to see behind the scenes of SHS.

Students at SHS should continue to clean up after themselves, leaving the cafeteria and other rooms cleaner than they are now. Students should also appreciate the choices we have for food. It is the least we can do for all their hard work.

I have heard a few of my friends say they prefer the food here at SHS rather than at Perry, and the lunch ladies make sure we’re getting the right amount of nutrients.

They’re determined souls. 

When “devious licks” and vandalism started to become a trend around the beginning of this year, it left the school in shambles for a few weeks. Restrooms were left messier than before. I had never seen so many paper towels on the floor, completely missing the trash can. 

Not only that, but drawing on restroom walls and doors have become a common occurrence even today. Whether it is inappropriate or funny, I find it rather frustrating that people take time out of their day to perform such acts. Janitors have to take time to wipe it off when they could be cleaning other parts of the school. It’s also common courtesy to not do those things.

Of course, I do my part to help and clean up messes and trash to the best of my ability. My moral consciousness won’t allow me to walk by trash laying on the ground and act as if I never saw it. I just wish that it was the same for the majority. 

Truth be told, I also wish I had the guts to go up to a few of the janitors and thank them for their dedication. Just like teachers, they’re making a difference in people’s lives. 

It’s time for SHS students to start caring about how they leave the restrooms, rooms and hallways, while also learning to appreciate the people who serve us food everyday. We should respect the work that is put into making this school as amazing as possible.