Party planning

Advice on how to throw a great graduation party

The end of the year is here and that means it’s time for graduation party season. Here are a few tips and tricks for how to throw a successful party and also a few recipes to serve at it.

Coordinate with close friends
Make sure to talk with your friends to ensure that you don’t all plan your parties on the same day because you’ll want to be able to attend their parties. If it works out, it can be convenient to do a joint graduation party with a friend to minimize stress for both families.

Plan in advance
Send out invitations, make a menu and pick out games and other activities prior to the party. Make sure that you have made all of the necessary preparations so that when the time of the party comes, things will go smoothly.

Have an advice giving station
Graduation parties are a time when many important people in your life will all come together, so take advantage of the wisdom that they all possess. Having a station with small cards and pens where people can write down advice for you is a great way to make them feel included in the party and start out college with a bank of direction.

Set up a place for cards and presents to go
When guests come to the party, many will have cards or presents for you. Make sure to set up a table or box where people can put their gifts so that they aren’t lost after they hand them to you.

Have games planned
Graduation parties are very fun for adults, who get to talk with others that they don’t see often, but they can quickly become very boring for children. A great way to remedy this is to have games set up to entertain them. Some ideas are corn hole, ladder ball, coloring pages and can jam.

Display many pictures
People love to see pictures of the graduate when at all stages of life. Having printed out pictures, a slideshow and photo albums are all great ways to decorate the party and add in personal touches. Your grandparents will be especially appreciative of these pictures.