Dramatic Much?


Art Creds: Guin Rugenstein

The fall musical this year is “Zombie Prom” written by John Dempsy. The musical is about a boy named Jon who throws himself into a vat of acid because his girlfriend’s parents said that they couldn’t be together anymore. This musical has been very anticipated by choir teacher, Jaclyn Richardson.

“Richie (Richardson) has been wanting to do this musical for a very long time now,” freshman Jayce Avila said. “She is very excited to get the chance to finally do it.”

 The musical preparations will start off with workshops in early August, with the auditions towards the end of the month. The cast will have from the time that the cast list is announced until mid November to rehearse the show. The dates for the show are Nov. 18-20. All showtimes begin at 7 p.m. except for the Nov. 20 show, which will begin at 2:30 p.m.

The theater department is seeing a rise in numbers with the number of people who are wanting to be a part of the shows this year.

“We have a lot more people coming in this year, it feels like everyone is very excited,” junior Jonathan Parks said.

Theater teacher and director of the musical, Kimberly Roberts, stated that Zombie Prom will be the first ’50s-style show that she has done at SHS. She also stated that Richardson has wanted to put on the show since she saw it as a junior in high school.

Both Roberts and Richardson expressed that they are hoping for some professionals to be playing the music, but the possibility for students to be the ones playing the show is still there. That is one of the unfinalized details they have to work out.

So far, a lot of students have joined the musical. According to Roberts, lots of freshmen were at last night’s meeting when they announced the fall musical and spring play. 

“I had freshmen in my class yesterday saying that they were going to join,” Roberts said.  “A lot of people are very excited and I am too.”