Teachers personalities outside of school can show in ink

Mikayla Whittemore, Reporter

Beneath the professional exterior that the teachers of SHS present to us day by day, are real people with real lives. So not only are they human, but they’re also adults who don’t have parents holding them back from doing what they want.

Subsequently, the idea that some of them have tattoos isn’t quite so far-fetched after a bit of thinking.

For SHS english teacher Brent Bockelman, the decision wasn’t a spur of the moment action. There was no crazy night of drinking beforehand, and no pack of buddies trying to convince him that getting a ridiculous tattoo would be above and beyond a brilliant idea.

“I have a personal rule,” said Bockelman. “If I decide to get a tattoo, I wait three years before I get it. If I still want it afterwards, then I’ll go get it. That rule had stopped me from getting many tattoos I would’ve wanted years ago, but certainly don’t want now.”

Bockelman had his tattoo done when he was 20 years old, and ended up choosing a cross with rays of light in the backdrop of it.

While there are many people whose spur of the moment tattoo ideas become major regrets later on, Bockelman can proudly say he isn’t a part of that crowd.

“To me it was really just a way to always keep my faith with me,” Bockelman said. “The way I have it designed just looks sort of rough, it doesn’t jump out at you or anything. I wanted it to look like it was almost part of  my body, as my religion is part of who I am.”