Causing a racket

Boys tennis falls to Warren Central Warriors 4-1.


The humid atmosphere combined with a gentle breeze created a perfect scene for the SHS boys tennis team’s first home match Aug. 18 against the Warren Central Warriors.

 They had lost their previous two matches, and had hopes of turning the season around. The match began with the Cards coming in hot and being quick on their feet. Many players demonstrated a strong forehand swing with a concentrated mindset. 

In the first set, the doubles pair was able to communicate and work with each other, allowing them to secure the win. 

“The doubles players really played well and they won their first game,” said Head Coach Anteneh Teshome.

Unfortunately after losing each set, the team’s morale began to drop. They began to doubt themselves, which then reflected on the team’s performance. They appeared to have an overwhelming sense of fatigue and a lack of confidence.

As the night progressed, their stamina decreased and the tension increased. The Cards were falling anywhere from one to five points behind in each match.

Despite SHS feeling defeated, Teshome continued to cheer on and support the team from behind the fence. Teshome would encourage each of the team members and provide them with direct and valuable feedback in order to improve their technique. Tragically, the game concluded with the Cards facing a disappointing 4-1 loss. After the Warriors departed from the court taking their victory with them, the Cards remained on the courts. 

“It is all about their attitude on the court, the way they take the game,” Teshome said. “Once they lost the first couple of sets, they just dropped down.” 

Teshome was unsatisfied with the attitudes that his team portrayed during the meet and wanted to have a meaningful conversation with the team.

After the match was finished, the team gathered in a circle to discuss how they felt about the match and what areas they could improve as a team. But, the talk was not enough to make up for the team’s unwillingness to perform to their full potential. The boys tennis players were required to run suicides and laps around the court to make up for their unfulfilling performance.

The night concluded with a somber feeling in the atmosphere, but also a sense of determination to do better in the next match.


Causing a racket