A new year for the kids

SHS Riley Dance Marathon welcomes four new sponsors


Grace Elder

A wagon with ‘SHS RDM’ on the front of it at one of the booths at 2021-2022 RDM on April 22.

Riley Dance Marathon, a non-profit, year-long fundraiser and club at SHS is experiencing a change in management. RDM has four new sponsors: Stephanie Schott, Holly Ellis, Raye Jordan and Joseph Leonard. All of which are completely new, except for Leonard.

Leonard was the sponsor for RDM for 13 years, from 2004 all the way until around 2017. Due to this, Leonard knows how the program works. With this, he is trying to understand what happened while he was gone, and is getting on board with the changes.

“What we’re trying to do is rely on the knowledge of the returning leadership of the club,” Leonard said.

The new sponsors aren’t planning on making any changes to the program as of now, but are instead relying on the experienced students to catch them up with what is going on.

As of now, committee members are attempting to keep on track with larger events, while brushing smaller ones to the side. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to happen, but if they do, they will be last minute projects.

The change in events is going to persist until sponsors gain experience in how the club functions. Students can expect a return to normal events in the future.

The committee wants the student body to know that they are still open to new members despite the change in leadership.

“They’re new to it, as in (it’s) their first year.” said senior Benjamin Henderson, the current RDM Vice President. “And they’re new to it (as) in the new system of how things have to be done,”