They Both Die at the End


Darcy Leber

Photo by Darcy Leber

Trigger warning: death, grief

They Both Die At The End is truly something special. In this universe, there is something that is known as the “Death-Cast.” It is an organization that calls people to tell them of their untimely fate. 

The book takes place in New York City where we meet Mateo and Rufus, two boys who have gotten the call that they have less than 24 hours left to live. For Rufus, it was almost a relief. After losing his family, he felt there wasn’t much else he could do with his life. But, Mateo knew that he had only a day to make his life worth living. He had so much that he still wanted to do with so little time left on the clock.

Rufus and Mateo both coincidentally downloaded the same app called Last Friend. It’s a platform where people who are dying that day can find someone to spend their last day with.That’s how it all starts for the two.

They Both Die At The End takes the course over an entire day, while also looking at the past and the memories of its characters. It made many fans feel like they had known the characters forever, even if they only just started reading. The title of the book feels like a ‘dead’ give away but even then, they were still hoping that it was just an open ending, and that Mateo and Rufus are living happily ever after. Through Adam Silvera’s writing, he creates a haunting feeling, while also creating a comforting sensation for his audience. 

He writes about grief and sadness in such a beautifully honest way. He teaches the lesson that it’s okay to grieve and remember the ones we have lost, but we also have to live for ourselves, live life to the fullest. 

This book has shown many people that they can find love and friendship in unexpected places and in such a limited time. This book is great for anyone who needs a good cry or needs to be reminded that there is kindness in the world, no matter how much we are blind to it. 

Many others are also very excited for the prequel, The First To Die At The End,  which was released on Oct. 4, 2022. It also takes place in New York, but it is about how the “Death-Cast” first started. While Rufus and Mateo are not in the prequel, it introduces Valentino and Orion, who meet after one of them gets the alert.