Introducing inclusivity

Meet Ms. Sung, the new social worker for SHS


SHS social worker Ngun Sung always wanted to have a job where she could be a help to people in society. After graduating from PMHS in 2017, she studied nursing for two years. 

Sung decided to take this path at first because many girls in her high school were studying nursing and because nurses were known to help people. But, she realized that was not how she wanted to give back to society. 

“Once I got into nursing and started actually working in hospitals,” Sung said. “I learned that that’s not what I wanted to do.’’ 

A friend suggested the idea of being a social worker so she joined an introduction to social work class and decided this career was what she wanted to do. Sung received her bachelor’s degree in  2021 and her master’s this year from IUPUI. 

In April, she applied for a job opportunity at SHS as a social worker. She feels that her being a Chin person opens up an extra benefit of lending a helping hand to SHS’s Chin population.

Principal Brian Knight felt that she was a good choice because she grew up in Perry Township and knew the overall culture of the students. He knew who she was before she applied to SHS because she was an intern at PMHS and would come to board meetings. 

“She wants to be here and she wants to support kids,’’ Knight said. “We have a very diverse student population, but not always a very diverse staff. And I think that’s something that we always consider too and we have an opportunity to hire a more diverse staff.”  

When she started in July, Sung’s job required her to work with students on days that may impact their mental health negatively. One activity she helps sponsor is SOPO Creating Connections for Cardinals, a club for student to spread awarness about issues such as suicide, sexual abuse, and bullying. Sungs feels that C3 gives students who don’t have a voice someone who can speak for them and guide them. 

“I’m really grateful because they are amazing students,” Sung said. “They are trying to do amazing things.’’ 

Knight says that she has been willing to learn more by accepting feedback on her job and asking questions about what she can do better. He feels that she has been communicating well with the counselor’s office about the needs of students.

“I am helping the environment have a better understanding of everyone and helping either students or faculty understand different cultures,’’ Sung said.