Previous presidents

Student council alumni reminisce about their leadership at SHS


Contributed by Ellie Brown

On August 2021, students gather for the first in-person game since two years because of COVID. This was also the first game that included the new coaches.

Year after year SHS students step into a new role as leaders at school, becoming president of their class. It’s an important position that allows students to help mold the school and learn leadership skills that they can carry with them after their journey at SHS has come to an end.

Brynna Reynolds, 2020 graduate, played an active role in student council during her four years as a Card. She was the president for the 2020 class during her freshman and junior year. For her sophomore and senior year, she was the vice president. 

“Even when the school has things [students] dislike,” Reynolds said. “It is still beneficial to get involved and make it a school [students] can be proud of.” 

Reynolds learned about student council when she was in 8th grade. One of her classmates at the time told her that she would be really good at it, and that’s what pushed her to run.

She recalls learning about leadership along the way, and how much she enjoyed it. She had to learn how to make activities inclusive while not taking charge of everything, to share the workload.

Being a representative was not always easy for Reynolds. Things like having to deal with people she didn’t like, not liking the senior shirts and not having enough people for a powder puff team were all things she had to deal with.

“These things are uncontrollable and are issues that all leaders will face,” Reynolds said.

Alumni Brynna Reynolds, the senior student council members and her friends participate in the 2019 homecoming parade. (Contributed by Brynna Reynolds)

Ellie Brown was the 2022 class president for all four years of her high school career. When she came to the realization that she wanted to be more involved at SHS, she decided to run.

“When I got to Highschool, I realized how much I liked it [being involved] and wanted to be involved, so I thought, ‘Why not go big or go home?’” Brown said.

Being the class president opened her eyes to a new passion of hers, being a leader. After spending high school learning a bit about how the government works, she decided to major in political science once she started college.

Brown also faced some struggles being president. One of the most prominent things she struggled with was holding her priorities as president, so much so that she lost the drive to do schoolwork.  She also struggled with not being able to please everyone.

Every aspect of being president was memorable to her. Brown was able to work next to some of her closest friends and enjoyed the activities that came with it.

“I recommend getting involved in student government to everyone; even if it’s just helping float decorating, spirit days, etc.,’ Brown said.