‘Something mediocre’

In-depth review into Harry Styles’ movie, ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

Source: HBO Max

Source: HBO Max

On Sept. 23 the highly anticipated movie “Don’t Worry Darling, starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, finally made its big release. With much drama surrounding the movie itself, viewers could be left to wonder if it’s worth the watch.

As the film begins in the 1950s town of Victory Project, Zach Chambers and Alice Chambers, played by Styles and Pugh seem to live this perfect life. But it’s not just them with seemingly perfect lives, it’s the whole town. And under that perfect town, something sinister is lurking. 

As the wives stay at home to enjoy the luxurious housewife life with beauty and riches, the husbands leave for work every day. But, instead of the men working regular office jobs, they leave to work on a top-secret project that has more to do with this film than it first leads on. 

Throughout the film, Pugh and Styles have great chemistry in their scenes together, which could make people forget about the raunchiness of some of their sweeter scenes. But, when Pugh is acting by herself she runs circles around Styles as he struggles to keep up with the more dramatic scenes.

As the movie progresses, Pugh realizes the cracks in this seemingly perfect town and wonders what is actually going on in Victory Project.

 As she tries to keep up with her perfect housewife life, tension rises as Pugh’s character begins to have visions of what seems to be a nightmare. But, this nightmare may just be the truth that Pugh is looking for throughout the movie.

Although the cinematography of this movie is phenomenal, as fans can feel transported into Pugh’s nightmares, it can’t make up for the oddness and choppiness of this movie. It feels as though this movie was a fever dream that came true. 

Although this movie could give fans some thrill and excitement, it wasn’t something that was worth the watch. Olivia Wilde’s directing had no sense of direction or closure, which made a film that could be something amazing into something mediocre. So if viewers want to watch something with thrill, many other movies would be a better watch than this one.