Changes in the dance

SHS changes policy for school dances


After the incident at homecoming involving two fights in the span of less than an hour, SHS has been creating new ways to ensure that something like that does not happen again. 

On Jan. 5, the start of second semester, students were given a clean slate on their eligibility to attend school dances.

 According to Assistant Principal Joe Horvath, students must be passing all classes with a D- or above and they cannot have any out of school suspensions. They also must buy tickets online and have good attendance.

A student can have in school suspension, have a couple tardies, but cannot have done something so serious that it leads to out of school suspension.

For many students though, good attendance may be something out of their control. So to ensure that it is fair for the student, SHS makes sure to do thorough checks for missing attendance. 

Situations where attendance may be excused like missing school for medical reasons without a doctor’s note is when a case by case check can be taken. 

“We don’t necessarily want to penalize anyone for their attendance until we can see the full picture,” Horvath says.

This year, all students must buy tickets in advance online. This is because SHS will not be able to properly check a student’s background if tickets are being sold at the door.The school wants to ensure that students are not being let into dances without meeting the requirements.

Guest forms are still 100% welcome, but those guests have to meet the criteria that the students here have to meet.

— Assistant Principal Joe Horvath

“Guest forms are still 100% welcome,” Horvath said. “But those guests have to meet the criteria that the students here have to meet.”

Since this is SHS’s first time doing school dances this way, all administration hopes for is that students are there to enjoy and release tension. 

According to Horvath, dances are not a necessity. Dances are a privilege that students need to realize. He believes students should take advantage of school dances to let loose and enjoy. 

“We just want to make sure that everybody there feels they’re going to a safe environment,” Horvath said.