A dream come true

An in-depth review into Netflix’s ‘The Glory’


Source: Netflix

Driven by vengeance motives, Moon Dong-eun, played by Song Hye Go, finds a new purpose in life. A group of violent teenagers take out their every day anger on Moon as they sexually, emotionally, and physically abuse her. As if living in poverty and being neglected by her own mother wasn’t enough, Moon has to live everyday in fear of being burned by a curling iron, getting kissed by guys she doesn’t even like and getting choked just for entertainment by the teenagers. Because of the horrifying scenario that Moon has gone through over the years, her thoughts resort to suicide. Fortunately, a dream kept Moon alive. A dream to destroy her bullies’ lives. 

In Moon’s scheme, she is not working alone. She has a companion, Kang Hyeon-nam, played by Yum Hye-ran. Kang works with Moon under the condition that Moon will eliminate Kang’s abusive husband for good. Tensions are high because it is unknown whether this clumsy partner will make a mistake that will befall on the plan. Surprisingly, this character also brings warmth in this somber show with her heartfelt laughs. 

Meticulous Moon constantly brings heated tensions with her unexpected actions towards her enemies. Keeping up with one bully is one thing but constructing a plan for the whole group is extremely impressive. This show is particularly interesting because each member of the group is so different. As the writer goes in depth into each individual’s life, viewers learn how Moon can manipulate them using their weaknesses. 

In the midst of all these unsettling motives lie a fluttering anecdote between Moon and Joo Yeo-jeong played by Lee Do Hyun. It’s a slow burn romance that is developing between Moon and Joo. Similar to Moon, Joo also had a dark past where his father, a doctor, was murdered by his own patients. It seems as though the two find comfort in one another due to their similarity. While the show is a thriller, it’s nice to get a glimpse of the romance developing between the two every once in a while. 

Two months seems like forever when the show is just too captivating. Viewers will find out if Moon’s dream will come true in Part 2 of the Glory on Netflix this month.