5 tips to avoid senioritis

Five ways to defeat and prevent senioritis

As the spring time rolls around, senioritis is at an all time high. Seniors are ready to take the next step into the real world, college, the military, the workforce or whatever it may be. And due to that readiness, there is a lack of motivation to finish their senior year, which is commonly referred to as senioritis.

Senioritis can stem from diff erent places like knowing you’ve already been accepted into college, or just being over high school at this point. Wherever it may come from, senioritis is not the best way to finish out your high school experience. So follow along for tips to ease senioritis and avoid it if you haven’t felt it yet.


Find something to be passionate about at school

If you are able to choose a sport or extracurricular activity at school that you will enjoy, you inevitably won’t resent attending school as much. There are plenty of options at SHS to involve yourself in like Theater, publications, Bring Change to Mind, SPTV, band, WRAL, sports, orchestra, choir, the list could go on and on. Find a sense of belonging here with your short time left if you haven’t already to not only benefit your high school experience, but help you get
passionate about school again.

Prioritize organization and time management

Without any sort of organization or awareness of time, things can quickly seem chaotic and overwhelming, which is a

perfect storm for senioritis. Ways to avoid being overwhelmed is by making organization a priority. You can implement this into your daily life by keeping a calendar, to-do list or some sort of checklist for your school work. Of course that can only help so much, so to truly make your organization worthwhile, you should schedule out times in your day to focus on getting the work done. Maybe for you the best time is right after school, or even making a specific weekday your main work day.

Set goals

It can be easy to feel stressed when you don’t know what to work toward or the right pace that works for you with school work or applying for college. Setting goals is a great way to ensure that you know where to start, without doing too little or too much work. Now that you have decided to prioritize organization, incorporating some goals into your calendars or to-do lists will be no problem at all. A sense of accomplishment for the day can help ease your nerves and let you know you’re on the right track to finishing strong.

Make the time for yourself

Burnout is a very clear symptom of senioritis. When you don’t make any time for yourself, burnout will quickly find its way to you. Make sure that you know who you are outside of SHS, that you have your own hobbies or time to do things for you. Otherwise, school will overtake your mind, and you’ll have very little to look forward to. Having those hobbies will create time that will be just for you, benefiting your mental health. Ways to make time for yourself a priority is by scheduling some things ahead of time. Make time to spend with your family or friends. Plan a day where you do all the things you love, and don’t let other things distract you from that.

Think about the big picture

It’s clearly important to keep your eye on the prize, graduating. But, don’t forget to think about the future and what this time really means. Remember that you’re wrapping up a chapter of your life you’ll never be able to get back. Do the things in high school you’ve always wanted to do. You only have a few months left as a senior, so make it count. Go to the spring sports games, or finally participate in the last few pep rallies, you might regret it if you don’t.