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Popping the question

Ways to ask your special someone to prom

Spring has sprung! With the flowers swiftly blooming and the sun waking up earlier, juniors and seniors grow ecstatic at the thought of one of their childhood dreams coming to life: prom. However, behind all of this excitement, some are spiraling between purchasing dresses, tickets and accessories while also debating on how they should pop the question.

Now, popping the question may not always come easy as it involves putting yourself out there while also trying to come up with a creative idea. But, there are a variety of innovative, thoughtful gestures that are just right for your situation.

The Classic 

Ah yes the good old poster board works every time! After scrolling on Pinterest for less than a minute, you can find an overabundance of sweet, corny ways to prompose. But, it’s important that your poster board isn’t just a replica of what you’ve seen online, but that it has a special meaning. Inside jokes, their favorite movie or a corny saying are just a couple ways to show that you love and care for them by including things they enjoy.

A Heart Full of Art

We’ve all seen the cheesy, adorable moments in movies or TV shows when someone writes a song or does a brave act of service to win over their crush. Now, many might believe that those things “only happen in the movies.” But, if you truly aspire to bring something new to the table, an artistic gesture is just what you need. Writing love letters, singing a song, painting a beautiful picture or even choreographing a silly dance with friends are a couple ways to let your creative juices flow while also popping the question in a very fun, unexpected way!

Embracing Your Environment

With promposals, you get the chance to think outside of the box. Expand out of your comfort zone and try a promposal outside! Utilizing the benefits of the beautiful pieces of nature around you or places that hold a special place in your hearts can add just as much love. Taking your lover to your first date, lighting candles outside with rose petals sprinkled on the sidewalks or asking using chalk art are just a couple suggestions that can create a memory that will always be remembered. 

Now, even with all of these suggestions, keep in mind your promposal does not need to be expensive or super “big.” Just make sure to do it out of love and thoughtfulness, slap some candy and flowers with your promposal and you should be ready to dance the night away!

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Lucy Len Dim
Lucy Len Dim, Features Reporter
Hi guys, I’m Lucy Len Dim! I’ve always loved being able to express ideas and feelings through writing, so I joined the Journal as a Feature reporter. I try to be involved and open myself up to new opportunities so I joined Drama Club and I serve as  the Sophomore Class President. After high school, I plan to study psychology and teaching alongside theater arts. But, I’d absolutely love to go on a mission trip where I can share my faith with others because I love kids and of course, traveling! I am in LOVE with Tennessee, rainforests, and beaches so I’d definitely love to head there for a trip. In my free time, I watch rom-coms and family shows with my brothers while eating endless bags of spicy chips. My favorite rom com is “10 Things I Hate About You” and my favorite family show is “Fuller House.” Speaking of family, playing volleyball with my cousins is my way of ending a perfect summer grill-out night. Nevertheless, I’m happiest with my girls. We support and help one another out while still living out our teenage girl lives! We love listening to Taylor Swift together! But even though I love being surrounded by people, I’m a complete germaphobe and clean freak. I hate bacteria, dirt, or just the risk of getting sick. So to sum it up, I love bright, unique energy and hope I can bring some to you through our feature stories!

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