Just another ‘Murder Mystery’

An in-depth review into Netflix’s “Murder Mystery”


Still shot taken from Netflix’s official trailer

After a lengthy four-year hiatus, the“Murder Mystery” franchise returns with a second movie, “Murder Mystery 2.” The first movie received a grand welcome from the viewers as it accumulated about 30.9 million viewers during its first three days. Indifferent to the first, the second movie exceeded expectations with 42.3 million viewers in just three days. There was no doubt that the films would be successful given that they star two of the most acclaimed actors in Hollywood, but are these two movies really worth the watch?

The first move was fairly decent. It is a very fast paced movie which is enjoyable for those who like a quick comedy with a twist, but it may seem immature for those who like organized plots and more seriousness. The movie flows in with the argument of the Spitzes, Audrey Spitz, played by Jennifer Aniston, and Nick Spitz, played by Adam Sandler. The couple recently just reached their 15th anniversary, and Mrs. Spitz is tired of following the same basic routine with no excitement. She ponders on the idea of going to Europe, a promise that was presented by Mr. Spitz for their honeymoon many years ago. With financial difficulties, the two never set foot in Europe, but Mr.Spitz eventually caved in, and the two decided to take a bus tour of the country. Contrary to their original intention, a wealthy man on the plane greeted the Spitzes with a new idea to go on a yacht voyage in Europe. Undoubtedly, the couple gave in after seeing the horrible site of the bus tour. Without knowing, the couple began their first murder mystery. From this point forward, everything’s went downhill. With the new foreign couples, the Spitzes, and two dead bodies on board on the yacht, the couple were trapped in an accusation of multiple murders. Fortunately, the two turned things around by proving their innocence and showcasing their talent in solving murder mysteries. Audrey, who loves reading murder mystery novels and had only dreamed of getting a plane ride to go on a rusty bus tour around Europe, was treated to a great surprise that laid up right in her kind of genre. 

The second movie shared many similarities with the first. After having successfully solved a well-known case involving the murder of millionaires, the pair decided to open a detective firm. The couple’s newly established business was an abject failure, and they are currently in another challenging circumstance where they are on the verge of going out of business. Their fate is once again changed by the news of their wealthy friend’s wedding. The wedding is where it begins all over again, another murder mystery. 

The movie was both romantic and quite comedic, but considering how these movie stars are highly respected in the film industry, the movie rather seemed unprofessional and lazy. Although the film’s genre is comedy mystery, it might have added more suspense to the mystery aspect if it was more serious. Additionally, the plot itself was quite predictable and left the viewers with little to no anticipation. If the genre is mystery, shouldn’t it keep the viewers engaged and take part in the investigation to create more amusement? Isn’t the purpose to let the viewers feel like they are a part of the movie? It seems as though Netflix wasted a phenomenal opportunity to create something the public has never seen before with this iconic duo, but it instead focused on creating the same old monotonous storyline.