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Growing deeper

Olivia Rodrigo’s new album is a big step up from her previous musical productions

The suspense has ended. On Sept. 8th, Olivia Rodrigo unveiled her second studio album, ”GUTS.”

Drawing inspiration from the phase of her life following her prior album ” SOUR,” Rodrigo crafted this album to mirror the maturation she underwent as her teenage years came to a close.

I firmly believe that this album stands as a soul-bearing masterpiece, inviting listeners on a musical journey into the depths of raw emotions and vulnerability.

Throughout the album, one can discern the growth Rodrigo has undergone in the past two years. She lays her heart aches and triumphs bare, encapsulating the universal essence of a tense youth.

The lyrical brilliance of the album is undeniable, with each song crafting a narrative that tugs at the heartstrings and vividly portrays personal growth and self discovery.

One aspect that was greatly impressive was Rodrigo’s vocal delivery. Comparing her vocals to 

her previous albums, it’s evident that she has 

Source: Spotify

taken a significant step forward in her singing capability. 

From “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl” to the conclusion of “Lacy,” her improvement and vocal delivery is notable. I eagerly await to witness the accumulation of this talent, considering her strong start.

If one were to offer any critics, it would be the desire for less focus on her ex-boyfriend, a theme prominent in her previous album. While it was widely appreciated by her audience, some had hope for a different approach.

Although this album leans towards a grungy, edgy musical style reminiscent of punk rock, she could have chosen a different angle, perhaps dwelling more into a personal growth rather than revisiting the theme of her ex-boyfriend.

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Hello everyone, my name is Zing Par and I am a senior at SHS. This is my second year with The Journal, and after taking a year off, I've decided to return and join this wonderful community of writers and editors. I previously wrote for the Entertainment section and opted to continue honing my writing skills in the most enjoyable section. Apart from this group, I also enjoy playing tennis and making crafts during my free time. I am frequently classified as a "creative person," and I wear that label with pride. Whether it is thinking of creative ideas for a project or coming up with silly ideas to craft, I am often filled with endless possibilities of things that I can do. Having said that, I hope to be able to use my skills to further my education in Occupational Therapy and contribute to The Journal. I am very happy to return here, and I hope to make even more amazing memories in my last year.    

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