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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

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Holly jolly spirit

Tips to stay in the holiday mood

As students enter the month of December, their minds are torn between the dreading thought of final exams and the bright, cheery welcoming of Christmas. With the intensity that comes behind preparing for final exams, it becomes easy to fall into seasonal depression and hard to stay in the Christmas spirit. So if you’re struggling, keep reading! 

Keep yourself entertained 

During final exams season, it is crucial to maintain focus on your studies but never forget about getting rest. While you take a quick break, jam out to some of your favorite Christmas songs in your kitchen while piecing together a gingerbread house. Or, cuddle up in blankets, sit back, relax and rewatch “Home Alone” for the millionth time. If you are dedicating your weekdays to studying, then watch these movies or bake cookies during the weekend. No matter what day of the week you engage in Christmas music or movies, it gives you something to look forward to.


One of the most thrilling parts of Christmas is going out and spending hundreds of dollars on Christmas decorations to put up in and out of your house. I, especially, love walking into the living room to see our beautiful, lit-up Christmas tree on sunny Sunday mornings. Just having those little pieces around the house that remind you of all the excitement that is yet to come is so refreshing. But, as students, we spend most of our days in school which isn’t always ideal. So, decorate with what you can to make your school day a bit more holly and jolly. For example, a Santa Claus keychain on your backpack or a screensaver of Santa and his reindeer, anything Christmas-themed to help you keep going while you work on assignments.

Spread the Spirit

Even while receiving gifts has its perks, giving gifts can be equally enjoyable. Maybe a friend or family member of yours caught the flu or is struggling with their mental health, so, be the one to bring them some joy! There are a variety of presents to choose from whether it be makeup, new socks or simply just a heartfelt letter with a gift basket. As long as it’s thoughtful and genuine, it’ll be appreciated. Personally, my favorite part of giving out gifts is seeing their reaction behind it. After giving my cousin her birthday gift and seeing her eyes light up, it helped me remember why it’s so important to spread the spirit during this holiday season because the more love around you, the better! 


So whether you’re struggling with schoolwork, seasonal depression or fighting off the flu, utilize these tips to stay in the spirit during this holiday season while also prioritizing your schoolwork. 


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Lucy Len Dim, Features Reporter
Hi guys, I’m Lucy Len Dim! I’ve always loved being able to express ideas and feelings through writing, so I joined the Journal as a Feature reporter. I try to be involved and open myself up to new opportunities so I joined Drama Club and I serve as  the Sophomore Class President. After high school, I plan to study psychology and teaching alongside theater arts. But, I’d absolutely love to go on a mission trip where I can share my faith with others because I love kids and of course, traveling! I am in LOVE with Tennessee, rainforests, and beaches so I’d definitely love to head there for a trip. In my free time, I watch rom-coms and family shows with my brothers while eating endless bags of spicy chips. My favorite rom com is “10 Things I Hate About You” and my favorite family show is “Fuller House.” Speaking of family, playing volleyball with my cousins is my way of ending a perfect summer grill-out night. Nevertheless, I’m happiest with my girls. We support and help one another out while still living out our teenage girl lives! We love listening to Taylor Swift together! But even though I love being surrounded by people, I’m a complete germaphobe and clean freak. I hate bacteria, dirt, or just the risk of getting sick. So to sum it up, I love bright, unique energy and hope I can bring some to you through our feature stories!

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