The student online newsmagazine of SHS

The Journal Rewired

The student online newsmagazine of SHS

The Journal Rewired

The student online newsmagazine of SHS

The Journal Rewired

The Anchor staff designs pages for the spring magazine. photo by Darcy Leber

Springing foward

The yearbook staff prepares to release the spring magazine

As the SHS Anchor wraps up their 100th edition of the yearbook, a wave of exhilaration fills room 407. Through the course of each school year, the Anchor maintains a steady course of capturing pictures, designing spreads and meeting deadlines to provide students with a souvenir that catches a glimpse of many memories created. 

But, their work doesn’t end there.

Schools have the decision to choose between a spring or fall delivery of the yearbook and the SHS Anchor has chosen a spring delivery over the years to ensure that seniors are able to receive it before their high school journey ends. 

Due to this, staffers are limited on the coverage they can include in the yearbook before sending, which does exclude the spring play, sports, and prom.

So, after the completion of the yearbook, staffers quickly transition into putting their efforts towards the Nautilus also known as the spring magazine.

According to yearbook adviser Sam Hanley, the spring magazine is a full color, 24 page supplement that can be taped into the back of a yearbook. 

“We cover as much of the spring activities as we can,” Hanley said.

Now, the production of it differs from the process of making the yearbook. Deadlines and production must be done in a shorter time frame while the new Editor-in-Chief, Siang Zi, and Co Editor-in-Chief, Lilly Dusenberry oversee new work.

The leadership team has begun exercising their responsibilities by emphasizing the importance of meeting deadlines. 

Through the use of a Google Document, they are able to track their progress and ensure that deadlines are being met in a timely manner. 

“We’re trying that with the staff and next year’s staff so that we can implement that into when we make the yearbook,” Zi said. “So, this spring mag is kind of a practice round in getting adjusted to that.”

In addition to meeting deadlines, the yearbook staff strives to include a greater amount of photos,

“…We really want to incorporate more people’s faces in there just because … we’re trying to get as much content at the end of the year as possible,” Dusenbery said. 

Dusenbery aspires to carry this vision out while also sharing the stories behind them by keeping writing concise.  

As staffers implement these new practices and work hard to craft together their Spring addition to this year’s work, time passes and distribution day grows closer. 

On May 15th during iPASS, students who have made this purchase will receive their spring magazine along with the 100th edition of the yearbook. 

Current Editor-in-Chief, Rin Diki, believes it feels “rewarding” to have their year of hard work be published for students to see.

“It’s just really exciting and I’m just really proud of what we’ve made and I hope that everyone else enjoys it as much as we enjoyed making it,” Diki said.


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