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Finding his voice

Senior expresses his passion for sports by announcing school games
Senior Trevor St. Peter announces the boys basketball game against Bloomington High School North on Friday, Dec. 15. St. Peter has been announcing games since his freshman year. (Darcy Leber)

Trevor St. Peter fell in love with sports at a young age, watching Indianapolis legends such as Andrew Luck and Paul George represent his favorite teams. This passion stayed with him all these years as he is now a fan of the SHS Cards.

St. Peter goes to a lot of games and joins the student section like the average fan, but he takes it up a notch, announcing games for some of the SHS teams.

“I never had any passion to do anything like that before my freshman year,” St. Peter said.

St. Peter, now a senior, continues to stay in front of crowds and be heavily involved with school spirit activities.

This passion sparked when he was a freshman and social studies teacher Joseph Leonard was asking if any students wanted to announce a boys volleyball game. He took the offer.

After a few games, Leonard let him keep announcing, and from there, it expanded to other sports.

“I could tell he was really good at it and had the talent to do it,” Leonard said. “As a teacher, I just like to encourage students to use the gifts and talents that come out of them.”

I could tell he was really good at it and had the talent to do it.

— Social studies teacher Joseph Leonard

Leonard says that St. Peter has a lot of enthusiasm and excitement for sports, and that really comes out when he’s talking about a game or announcing one.

St. Peter now announces multiple sports being boys and girls volleyball, girls basketball and boys and girls soccer. The expansion to other sports began when girls volleyball head coach Chelsea Hoffman asked him to do it, and other coaches followed suit.

Then, he would begin announcing for other sports by going out of his way and asking to do them.

Apart from announcing, St. Peter has a history of being in front of crowds.

St. Peter says sometimes he goes to places that have an open mic or karaoke and likes to talk or play his guitar and sing in front of people.

One moment of him being in a crowd that he remembers was singing the national anthem at a state tournament when Leonard couldn’t get the electronic national anthem to play.

“I just asked if I could sing it, and Mr. Leonard and the referees were like ‘go for it,’” St. Peter said. “So, I just sang it off the dome.”

And, at a girls volleyball game against Perry Meridian High School the following year, he was asked to sing the anthem again.

After high school, St. Peter wants to do something with the passion for sports and announcing that he has, such as PA announcing for a team or arena as a profession.

In the end, he still likes to be a normal fan from time to time who goes to all the games and stands and cheers in the student section. St. Peter says, as an athlete himself, hearing the crowd cheer and be loud for their team gives an energy boost.

“I always try to sit or stand (in the) front row and get involved,” St. Peter said. “I always try to get the other students involved with the game and get the chants going on.”

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