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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

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Junior volunteer, Zamantha Loza, passes out programs for visitors of the 8th grade scheduling parent night on Wednesday, Jan. 31. photo by Lily Zing

Cardinal Cadre

Student volunteers unite for impactful service

If nominated, Catherine Cullison highly recommends that students join Cardinal Cadre. Not only will they be learning leadership skills, but they’d also be assisting their community.

“Even for students who maybe have other things going on,” Cullison said, “There’s always a few events that can fit into your schedule.”

Cardinal Cadre is an exclusive club that students can join only if they were nominated by a teacher and have at least a 2.5 gpa.

Students who volunteer are the school’s ambassadors, tasked with welcoming any guests.

“They’re kind of like the welcomers for different events.” Cullison said.

The goal of Cardinal Cadre is to take some stress off event planners as they don’t have to find additional resources to help greet and help attendees.

The students will hand out pamphlets and direct guests to the places they need to be and just help keep things in order.

“That’s one of the things we do, we greet people as they come in, so that way, that group (hosts of the event) doesn’t have to worry about that part of it.” Cullison said.

Volunteering for Cardinal Cadre takes leadership skills as there won’t always be a familiar face they can ask for help.

Members being able to tackle problems on their own is a huge necessity. The ability to be independent is developed through Cardinal Cadre.

“They have to have those leadership skills in order to do that (problem solve).” Cullison said.

A big part of Cardinal Cadre is volunteering. Junior Andrea Perez-Xique enjoys that aspect of the club and plans to volunteer even after graduating.

“You’re just helping out,” Perez-Xique said, “If nobody else would do it then who would.”

Cullison sends out an email and students are quick to volunteer their time and fill up available spots. 

Some of the events that the students may work are at graduation, school musicals, banquets and more.

Cullison often gets a lot of compliments about the students assisting at these events.

“I try to pass those along to the students to let them know they did an awesome job.” Cullison said.

Senior Manprit Kaur has been on Cardinal Cadre since her Sophomore year and has amassed over 1,000 hours of volunteer time.

Having all this time helping the community, Kaur has been able to build connections with those around her.

“I have been able to make connections (…) and that’s just come out of my volunteering time,” Kaur said, “it’s become a great asset for the future.”

The students who are nominated and join Cardinal Cadre have left an overwhelming positive impression on club sponsor Cullison.

“I just love working with this group,” Cullison said.

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