Ed Sheeran continues successful year with remix of ‘Bloodstream’

Ed Sheeran continues successful year with remix of Bloodstream

Jared Stanley, Reporter

2015 is shaping up to be quite a year for Ed Sheeran and his fans. He started with an impressive Grammy performance, followed up by North American tour dates going all the way through June and now he has released a new single of his popular song, “Bloodstream.”

The single is a remix of the song appearing on his recent album, “X.” Sheeran joined together with the band “Rudimental” to create this alternate version. The original song is muffled and somber at the beginning, and gradually picks up throughout. In contrast, the remix takes away the muffled sound of the guitar, and plays outright, and when the bass drops, an almost techno feel is added with the use of synthesizers and various sound effects.

The words and general tone to the song are relatively similar, but while listening to the remix, it feels like an entirely different song. The gentle guitar melody is drowned out and overshadowed with drums and a constant, chugging bass line. The song boasts more beats per minute and moves at a faster pace than the original song, but manages to clock in as only nine seconds longer than the five minute original. This is caused by a slow burning fade that releases the tension the song builds so tersely towards, and used skillfully in this song to act as just the sort of cool-down lap the listener will need. The last minute leading up to the end of the song is loud and engaging, so the contrast of the final seconds leaves an impression of absence because the song is gone before you even notice. Thankfully, the rewind button is close at hand to solve this problem.

Sheeran’s remix is undeniably impressive, whether or not you prefer the album version to the single. His vocals and guitar mix perfectly with the sound effects created by Rudimental. While you may not prefer the song played on the radio over the original, it is still worth a listen.