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Senior Kayla Kinnamin plays with her daughter Skylar outside of SHS. Kinnamin became a mother six months ago and says she is trying her best to tend to her responsibilities.

Finding the balance

September 10, 2020

Although senior Kayla Kinnaman believes that the coronavirus has made this school more stressful, it ...

Isolation finds

Isolation finds

May 18, 2020

Quarantine and elearning make it hard to be lazy, but I keep finding ways to do it. There are so man...

Cards breeze by Ben Davis in the first round of sectionals

Cards breeze by Ben Davis in the first round of sectionals

March 4, 2020

The SHS boys basketball team began their 2019-2020 season banned from the IHSAA Sectional Tournament ...

The Journal Address

The Journal Address

August 30, 2019

In about the last month, at least 34 people have lost their lives due to a mass shooting. The loose d...

Social media scavenger hunt

Shelby Denny, Social Media Editor

August 30, 2019

You've made it to the first step in the scavenger hunt! Now you must navigate throughout our social media pages to reveal a scrambled hidden message. You must follow us as you go. The first 50 people to follow us on all of our platforms, figure out the scrambled hidden message and bring it to room 400 by 1:55 today, Aug. 30...

Back at it

Back at it

August 22, 2019

SHS football will be kicking off their season by playing Roncalli High School for the fourth year in a...

Looking forward into the new year

Zung Tha Bawi, Reporter

May 16, 2019

SHS next year will be different from the SHS that everyone knows today. This is due to two important changes that will be coming to SHS. The first change will be made in iPass.  A small committee of teachers developed a new curriculum for the upcoming iPass classes next year. These new curriculums will expand on the scho...

The wall is not coming

January 24, 2019

As I’m sitting with my parents watching one of President Donald Trump’s addresses and listening to his comments, my mom and I are completely baffled at the fact that someone could possibly be so misleading with his comments. The demonization of Hispanic people and other minorities is just unnecessary, and the negative c...

El muro no se realizará

January 24, 2019

Mientras estoy sentada con mis padres mirando uno de los discursos del Presidente Donald Trump y escuchando sus comentarios, mi madre y yo estamos completamente desconcertadas por el hecho de que alguien podría ser tan engañoso con sus comentarios. La demonización de los hispanos y grupos minoritarios es simplemente innecesaria, y l...

Their path to a better life

Mawilda Sulaiman

January 24, 2019

Junior Mehair Al Laban left his war torn home country, Syria, and traveled to Jordan as the start of his path to a better life.    “For my country, I feel so bad for them,” Al Laban said. “The president is so bad treating the people like that. Now he is dictator (and) no one can disagree with him at all.”    ...

طريقهم إلى حياة أفضل

بواسطة موليدة

January 24, 2019

      غادر الثانوي مهيار اللبان موطنه سوريا الذي دمره الحرب, وسافر إلى الأردن كبداية لمساره إلى حياة أفضل.      "بالنسبة لبلدي، أشعر بالسوء لهم. الرئيس يعامل الناس بهذه الدرجة من ال...

The run for their lives

December 17, 2018

  At age 15, one SHS student risked everything to get across the U.S. border. The trip took him one month, but finally, he and his family made it across. “She just wanted to have a better life for us,” SHS senior Jack said. For many migrant families, like Jack, the want for a better life and better opportu...

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