Band members work on skills

Mikayla Whittemore, Reporter

Throughout the summer, most students at SHS do not realize that their fellow classmates who are a part of the marching band work incredibly hard to perform shows in the fall. Beginning all the way in May, practices are held to start preparing for their performances.

As of recent though, a the idea of a specific upcoming performance has excited many of members. The theme in the midst of the show will be that of liberty and freedom. One of the pieces included in the show is called “As All the Heavens Were a Bell,” which is a popular song used by marching bands during 9/11 memorial services.

Mr. David Copeland, SHS band director has decided to rewrite the piece specifically so it can be played by the members of winter drumline instead of how it would be played traditionally, by the concert band. The performance would take place next school year, which gives members of the marching band all summer to practice, memorize and grasp the concepts accompanied by the music.

“I am actually super excited to be apart of the marching band for this upcoming year,” sophomore gabbysaid sophomore Gabby Ricketts. “I was assistant drum major my freshman year and this one as well, but this fall I will really get a chance to contribute my own ideas into our performance.”

Copeland hopes to have the students aid the visual aspect of the performance with props such as liberty bells. Although they have a general idea, the planning is pretty far in advance and he can’t reveal details about all that he desires for the show. Members of the marching band though, are still excited about the idea.

“Freedom is something we as Americans are very fortunate to have, so I cannot wait to express this through our music and theme,” said Ricketts.