Twitter feud causes uproar


“Stop comparing Drake to me too…He don’t write his own raps! That’s why he ain’t tweet my album because we found out!” Famous rapper Meek Mill tweeted on July 21st.

According to Twitter, with “140k retweets and 110k  likes” this post has sent social media and fans fishing for more truth about the beef between both Drake and Meek Mill.

It was said that another famous artist known as Nicki Minaj told Meek Mill that Drake did not write his own lyrics. Then the telephone game was played and now that has grabbed fans and social media’s attention. Even SHS students roam the halls talking about the feud between the two rappers.

Then the battle between rappers began on  a social media website called Twitter when Meek Mill began posting about Drake’s spilled secret about his talented intellects. Drake then produced a song called “Charged Up” to strike back.   A couple days later, Drake released another combat product known as “Back to Back” to diss Meek Mill and his assumptions.

Soon after, Meek Mill released a song titled “Wanna Know” to get back at Drake for his recent entitlement.

On the recent popular social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, this “Family Feud” has been going on for a couple days and has everyone buzzed for details. The two rappers could settle their differences and continue to make music, or stretch this misencounter even further.

While this has happened, Nicki Minaj still continues her relationship with Meek Mill. Recently on Meek Mill’s new album, “Dreams Worth More Than Money,” Nicki Minaj featured in the song “All Eyes on You,” also featuring Chris Brown and another song called “Bad for You.”

But until another tweet is posted or another picture is liked, these artist will live their lives. Though they seem happy and smiling for the camera, drama is around the corner waiting to be demised.