Perry Township raises money for Myanmar: a follow up


Caleb Carrasquillo

Junior Van Hnem stands with the holding a sheet with the amount of money raised from the fundraiser she played a major role in organizing along side English teacher Ms. Sara Kohne. Hnem says she’s proud of the amount of money SHS was able to raise.

The fundraiser that made its rounds across schools in Perry township in an effort to raise money for Myanmar, has come to an end. The total amount of money SHS managed to raise has been figured, and the effort now spreads to getting the funds to the people in need.

SHS junior, Van Hnem, who played a role in making the fundraiser happen, says that $802.36 was raised by the community of SHS after having collected money from students and staff members alike during Ipass classes for the past two weeks. She says although she originally set a rather high goal in her mind and expected a final amount of around $1,000, she’s not taken aback by what SHS managed to put together.

“I’m not disappointed by this number,” Hnem said. “This is a good thing. This will actually help and this is something. It’s better than nothing and it’s great that we even got this far.”

English  teacher Ms. Sara Kohne, who helped Hnem through the process of the fundraiser, says that she too is happy with the results. 

“I think every little bit helps, and certainly we appreciate everybody’s generosity,” Kohne said. “I’m proud of what we accomplished in two weeks time.”

Hnem also spoke on the details regarding how the money raised by SHS and other schools in the township will find it’s way to Myanmar. Hnem says that first,  school treasurers will write checks to the township for the amount of money that that individual school raised. The township will then combine the money raised by all schools and write a check for the total dollar amount to a single organization that will then carry out using the money to aid Myanmar.