Couples say distance requires balance


Illustration by Jacob Bledsoe

Relationships work with cooperation from each person participating within, junior Zoë Cooper says. The daily relationship routine changes as one significant other moves away to a new school and the other doesn’t.

There are relationships at SHS where one student is still in high school and the other is now in college. When people of different grades or ages date they are bound to be some complications, such as when one graduates but the other has not.

Zoë Cooper is currently in a relationship with SHS graduate, Nathan Cooper. These two, naturally, had seen each other in the SHS hallways, but they really started to go to know each other after Nathan Cooper messaged Zoë Cooper on Twitter, the two started dating in the month April of 2015. Nathan Cooper now attends Indiana University in Bloomington, 45 minutes away from Southport.

Just like Zoë Cooper and Nathan Cooper, junior Tyler Rhoades and SHS graduate Alicia Jones met in school as well. Rhoades and Jones met in French class during Rhoades’ freshman year and yearbook class during Rhoades’ junior year, Jones’ senior year.

Now that Nathan Cooper and Jones both attend college, there is that long-distance separation. Both couples say that they get to see their significant other almost every weekend since the start of school both high school and college. Jones says the key to the relationship working is communication and honesty.

“You have to trust that the other person will do the right thing when you aren’t there,” Jones said.

The biggest complication in both of these relationships is communication. Advice from all parties of both couples would be to talk to the other person constantly, and not lose the communication.

“Communication is a huge thing, because if you lose communication and you don’t get to see each other, then everything…communication is all you really have.” Zoë Cooper said.

Zoë Cooper thinks that a couple in this situation shouldn’t rely on simply texting alone, because texting can cause unwanted problems. She says to call the other person, facetime them so the face to face communication that you can no longer have on a daily basis isn’t a total lost.

“Long distance relationships are only worth the sacrifices if you know you’re with the right person, and that’s how I feel about Zoë,” Nathan Cooper said.