Drum Majors take leadership roles

At SHS, there are an abundance of after school clubs and activities that keep students busy. Whether students are a part of the musical this fall, a sports team, choir, or even RDM, they have some kind of responsibility that is required of them as a member of this activity. Drum Majors, junior Gabrielle Ricketts and senior Austin Jones understand the type of pressure and responsibility that come along with being a part of a group.

Ricketts and Jones are the two drum majors for the Marching Cardinals. Ricketts and Jones have an abundance of responsibilities as the drum majors. From making sure each of their sections in the band are at their rehearsals on time to keeping them hydrated, the two have to be positive leaders to keep their band members motivated.

“[Our responsibilities] are being in a leadership position, leading the band in a positive way, keeping everybody encouraged,” Ricketts said.

Whether she’s in the band room or at a private lesson, Ricketts spends almost four hours a day rehearsing on marching band, and even more time practicing her clarinet.

“Music is my life,” Ricketts said, laughing.

She plans to play in the Marine Corps band one day.

Much like Ricketts, Jones would like to carry on with music in college, hopefully a percussion major. Jones is one of few seniors holds a high ranking in the band not only because of his position, but also because of his age. Being in the band for almost four years now, Jones holds a natural leadership position with the Marching Cardinals.

Altogether, Jones and Ricketts are student leaders of a more than 90 person band. They help to lead them in the right direction, and the band might not be where they are today without them.