Senior Sarai Rojas, an artist with a dream


Senior Sarai Rojas not only plays for the SHS Lady Cards but she also expresses her artistic talent in two different art classes that she takes here. One class she takes is sculpting with Mr. Thompson where she received “Art Student of the Month” last month. The other class is a drawing class with Mr. Pernell.

Rojas got interested in art when she began working at the Boys and Girls Club over this past summer. Ms. Courtney, the art director at the Boys and Girls club, noticed Rojas’ artistic talent.

“She saw that I had talent so she helped me a lot to develop my skills because I used to draw, but I wasn’t as good as I am now,” Rojas said.

She began two or three years ago, but it’s when the art director helped her that she really got into art.

Rojas will sometimes get asked to work at a festival or birthday party, or just anyone that needs a face painter, usually for little kids. It’s like a part time job.

Rojas would like to go to college and pursue a career in art. She wouldn’t mind attending Herron School of Art and Design, which is the 45th ranked school according to U.S News and World Report among graduate schools of fine arts. She would really like to do special effects makeup if she got to make a career out of her talent and passion.

Mr. Pernell, one of Rojas’ teachers says that although art scholarships are hard to get, if Rojas applies for one now, he believes she has a good chance of getting one.