Being crowned puts more eyes on students


Shoes sink a quarter inch into the turf, hundreds of eyes patiently waiting in the stands for their answer and the stadium lights turning the world almost surreal. Suddenly, words break through the silence calling out names and then cheers of congratulations. A crown is being placed upon a head, and a king and queens robes being placed around shoulders. The winners of royalty have finally been decided.

Seniors Caroline Chappell and Cooper Davis have been awarded the titles of homecoming king and queen of 2015. Neither the king or queen were very nervous leading up to the exact moment of the announcement. Chappell’s nerves were calmed by the jokes that prince and senior, Joey Brunk, made while walking the turf. Davis only remembers becoming nervous from the fake cardinal resting on top his shoulder threatening to fall. Chappell thought that everyone had an equal chance of winning the title of queen.

“Britton [Whitlock] and Katie [Hart] are equally as well liked and are both really good students and examples for the school,” Chappell said.

With the crown of homecoming queen on top Chappell’s head, she now feels like she has more responsibility to be a good leader and set good examples for the people in the school.

Thinking he had no chance of winning, Davis decided to go all out. Before walking out to the positions in front of the crowd, science teacher, Stacey Matlock, asked Davis if he really wanted to wear the eye patch and the bird. Davis replied with saying, “There’s no chance I’ll win, why not?”

“It feels phenomenal to be king, but even better to know I’m Southport’s only pirate king,” Davis said.

The king and queen both feel like now that they have this title, the school looks up to them in certain ways, and both will carry this title until next year.