‘Paddington’ to showcase in the heart of Southport


Have you ever just wanted to go to a drive-in movie theater, but you couldn’t drive or didn’t have a car? Maybe the closest one located was just too far? Perhaps you saw one of those cool outdoor movie screens on Pinterest but could never figure out where to buy them or they were too expensive to buy. Are you in need of a fun and affordable date idea? Are you babysitting for the weekend and need an idea to entertain the kids? If I described some problems you’ve run into recently, there is no need to fret. I have the perfect solution.
The local Southport Park will be hosting it’s annual outdoor movie (dependent upon weather) in the park for free. The movie is for the community’s pure enjoyment says Marylynne Winslow, the President of the Park Board. The park is located at 6901 Derbyshire Road; parking will be at City Hall. The park is located right by Southport’s police station so you will be in good hands. The movie “Paddington” is about a bear from a Peruvian rainforest begins his journey to England for a new home. It’s a comedy/animation film the whole family can enjoy. The movie is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 10. The movie will begin around 7 p.m. or a little after. Approximately 100-150 people have, on average, attended this event in the past few years, so it’s quite a popular event.
The park was established in the 1960s, so it has been a part of the neighborhood for a while. The playground equipment is old, but is still very enjoyable for the younger ones, probably even for those teens who are still a kid at heart. If you decide to attend the movie in the park, younger children could play on the swings and go down the slides while waiting for the movie to start, or maybe to get them to stop complaining and asking to leave before the movie is over.
The free concession stand will be open to everyone, although anyone is allowed to bring their own snacks to devour during the movie instead of getting them at the park.
There are games planned and there will also be a best dressed bear contest for the young ones. So, please do not forget to pop some popcorn, pour some of grandma’s famous hot cocoa in a thermos and bring friends and family out to the movie under the stars. Some blankets and a stuffed bear to snuggle with will come in handy to keep warm on the cool, fall night outside with others in your community.
You can also help out and give back to the community. The park board would appreciate volunteers to help with setting everything up before everyone comes. You can notify Winslow at [email protected] if you would like to help and come out to set up stuff.