Get to know you: Blake Mitchell

Years ago, a simple stumble upon a computer program sparked the interest for creating an art of a different kind for junior Blake Mitchell.

“It was around six years ago and I was just messing around and I found this program,” Mitchell said.  

From that moment on, Mitchell was introduced to a new type of lifestyle. He creates music as an Audio and Music Producer.

Currently, Mitchell does all of the creating on his own or as he calls it underground. This means he does all of the work himself and is an independent artist. He has been offered signings to record labels but he has declined them because at the time, he didn’t feel it was right. Although he does not work with a company, he has made money with his talent in the past. Some of those ways include creating soundtracks for games and animations.

One track for Mitchell usually takes him around three months. According to Mitchell, this is rather slow compared to other music producers. This is because he tries to work with the best sound design as possible that he can. In order to create the music, Mitchell uses digital audio workstations or D.A.W.’s.

Some of the programs Mitchell works with are FL studio, Maschine and Ableton. Programs that fall under the D.A. W.’s category are computer software programs that involve editing audio files.

The studio Mitchell uses in order to create his work is located in his house. He was able to have everything he needed for his studio through a generous donation from a family friend.

“She knows how important this was to me,” Mitchell said. “I didn’t ask for anything. She straight up just gave it to me.”

Several of Mitchell’s friends are music producers as well. One of Mitchell’s closest friends who he met through expressing his dislike for the way he mastered his tracks plans to move in with him in the near future. Mitchell’s musical talents have allowed him to experience many new artistic creations and ways of life.

Producing music is an outlet and has the same effect for Mitchell as it does for others when they listen to music.

“It gets my mind off some things like music does with normal people when they just listen to it,” Mitchell said, “But it also lets me get my creativity out.”