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Sofia Salas

Sofia Salas, Managing Editor

Even though this assignment is for a grade, I think there is a part of me (a very small part) that actually wants to be writing this. My name is Sofia Salas and somehow I asked to be a managing editor for The Journal and I got the position. It still seems like this is one giant practical joke, but we will see what the universe has in its bag of tricks. While I may complain about the abnormal workload from newspaper, deep down, I really love it. I like the feeling of being stressed to the point of insanity, but somehow breaking through with a paper, to show for what I have done. That is probably unhealthy, but I’m not worried about it. Some additional things I take part in are NHS, theater, Cardinal Cadre and I check out giant nasty mounds of meat and other groceries at the local Marsh for the citizens of Southport. I enjoy making every situation a sarcastic or humorous one, even when it probably should not be. I like screaming random noises into the depths of the earth and jumping out from behind various corners to scare my friends and family. I plan to continue my escapades of disfunction this year, and make it a weird one.

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Sofia Salas