Everett Wise finds hobby in theater


Junior Everett Wise and junior Courtney Hoffman seen on stage during One Acts.

Andrea Vidaurre

Senior Everett Wise participated in One Acts this Thursday on Jan. 14 at 7:30, for the first time in his highschool career. He performed “Promaggedon” with seniors Brooke Rigney and Kaleigh Thomas and juniors John Aguilar and Courtney Hofmann. It’s about students being at prom and then a nuclear war starts happening so they all rush down to a janitor’s closet. It’s an awkward situation and everyone finds out secrets about each other. Wise plays an athlete.

Each act lasted around 30-40 minutes, and nobody got cut during auditions, so everyone who auditioned was able to participate At the auditions, the students had to act on the spot and do what they were told, so they didn’t necessarily know what to expect.

Wise participated in Grease as Eugene and thought that being a part of One Acts would be a fun opportunity as well. While getting ready for his performance, he looked forward to hanging out with his peers.

“It’s something to do and it’s really fun,” Wise said.

One Acts is not as time consuming as the other plays. The students stayed after school until about 4:30 most days, but when production week came, they were here until around 8:30 pm.

Director of the act, Brooke Rigney says that Wise plays his role well as a jock who’s supposed to be intimidating and your stereotypical athlete.

Although Wise can lose focus easily as Rigney says, he brings a lot of good energy to their group.

“He’s very fun and he brings a lot of laughter,” Rigney said.