Student plans to see K-Pop band in concert


Junior Catherine Johnson listens to K-Pop on Jan. 13. Johnson is saving up money to see her favorite K-Pop band live.

Courtney Russell, Reporter

While browsing Tumblr, junior Catherine Johnson spotted the band EXO. She clicked on their profile and gave them a quick listen. Johnson ended up enjoying the band’s music and found that the band would be touring America this year. She then made it her goal to save up for concert tickets.
“This is…their first American tour because they are from South Korea, and…it’s expensive to come here and so they’ve haven’t been here, and I’m not going to go to South Korea or some place like Singapore to see them,” Johnson said.
Johnson’s New Year resolution is to see this K-Pop band live. She has to save up money for Feb. 7, the date she wants to see EXO. This will be the Chinese-South Korean band’s first American tour, and Johnson wants to see them while they are here. She says that the concert tickets will cost around $200, and she will have to make a trip to Chicago to attend the concert. Johnson plans to work as hard as she can helping her grandmother clean houses and going shopping to earn the money she needs.
“[I’ll] work my butt off and save money,” Johnson said.