SHS students are working eagerly to prepare for the play “Cheaper by the Dozen”


Caleb Carrasquillo

Actors rehearsing for the play after school. Los actors ensayan la obra después de clases.

Students are working vigorously to prepare for the spring play, “Cheaper by the Dozen.”  The play is based on a well-known movie, which is about a family with twelve children who live in the same household. Of the many students that auditioned, nineteen students are proud of being cast for their roles.

“We all are honored to be a part of it.” the students stated.

¨Cheaper by the Dozen¨ is said to have lots of plot twists and unexpected turns, which should make for an interesting and one-of-a kind, memorable performance.  The play is set in the 1920s, which will be reflected in the characters´ actions, costumes and roles in the household.

Among the many performers is junior Taylor Kincaid who was given the role of the mother, Mrs. Gilbreth. According to Kincaid, Mrs. Gilbert is patient and kind with her kids.

“She’s the peacemaker of the house and very intelligent as well.” Kincaid said.

Dillon Shaffer,junior, plays the role of Mrs. Gilbreth’s husband and the father of all twelve children. He describes his character as very strict, which is mostly because of the time period and the fact that Mr. Gilbreth is the father of twelve children and has to keep them in line somehow.

Several students who have already taken part in other plays were excited to particiate in another performance.  Kincaid mentioned that she had been in previous plays and really enjoyed them.  Sophomore Jadin Benge, who plays one of the twelve children in the Gilbreth family, has also been in previous shows, and really enjoyed them.  

In Shaffer’s words,  “Theater is life, bro.”

With such a small cast, many of the members say that they are like a family on and off the stage, which helps with the rehearsals and all the time they spend together.  Everyone is extremely excited for what the play will bring, but each of them has a lot to do as they will spend countless hours memorizing lines.  According to Benge, it is a lot of hard work to learn all the lines for one’s part. The amount of time that one spends rehearsing, along with the role reflects on how long it takes to learn the part. For Kincaid, it takes a few weeks to learn her lines, and says that it’s easier to learn them when the cast reads lines all together.

Because the play is based on a well-known movie adn familiar to many,  a large crowd is expected to attend. The production will be on March 9, 10,  and 11 in the Southport High School auditorium at 7:00 P.M. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door for $8.