Is it quirky enough for you?


Trinity Cline-Smith

Let’s face it, normal is boring. We can all agree on that, at least to some extent. If you nodded or even merely acknowledged this fact, then maybe you’d enjoy sitting down at one of the many colorful, eccentric areas in a late-night cafe called The Quirky Feather Confectionary in Carmel.
It’s a bit hard to find, quite a bit away and the only way in is a backdoor, considering it’s part of a bigger building, but honestly taking the time to find it is so worth it. It’s not like every other coffee shop between here and San Francisco, it was made for everyone. You walk in and are instantly welcomed with the smell of brewed-to-order, locally-sourced coffee and fresh-baked confections. One of the members of the small, five-person team that runs The Quirky Feather is likely to meet you at the counter. If not, ring the doorbell. Literally. I’m not kidding. There’s a magical button that makes an employee emerge from the kitchen. It hangs on the wall, for future reference.
The founders and owners of this cafe are sisters Sabrina and Heidi Wernicke, who, on a whim, decided that they didn’t like the idea of being grown up and having a real 9-to-5 job. They had wanted to own a bakery since they were kids but were pushed by their parents to do more educational things with their futures. Sabrina actually went to art school, then studied pre-med in Montana. But when she got back to Indiana, she decided that career field just wasn’t for her, wasn’t what she wanted to do. So both sisters agreed that they would enjoy getting up later, staying up later and doing what they love to do. Thus The Quirky Feather was born.
“I can’t pretend to be that nice in the morning…it’s better for everyone if I sleep til noon,” Sabrina said.
In fact, because Sabrina went to pastry school, she is the head baker and makes everything from scratch daily. See something you like? Grab it quickly because tomorrow it may or may not be there. The menu changes daily completely based on what she feels like making the day before. They offer a range of desserts, from macarons to trifles to truffles and more. However, unlike a lot of confectioners, she refuses to make cupcakes.
“Cupcakes are overdone. I’m sorry,” Sabrina said.
Let me just say, though, that their pastries are absolutely delicious, and their drinks are entirely decadent. Not only are the baked goods aesthetically pleasing, but they are priced reasonably and come with the satisfaction that they were never frozen, pre-made or factory-produced. Each one is hand-made every day from fresh, local ingredients and are simply scrumptious. Also, the drinks are made to order and include coffees, teas, hot chocolate and more. I, personally, have gotten the tuxedo (both white and dark), hot chocolate and masala chai tea with milk and honey in the past. However, they are willing to make about anything with any kind of flavor.
And if the constantly changing menu, bright decor and pictures of ostriches in bowties aren’t quirky enough for you, maybe the bird statues named Frankie and Pinkerton will suit you. Still not enough? How about a secret exit from the kitchen through an opening bookcase? Yeah, they have that too.
Overall, The Quirky Feather was created to be a hangout for all, whether it be college students needing a quiet place to study into the late hours of the night, friends chit-chatting about their days or bookworms needing a corner to sit in and read. They welcome all with open arms and the smell of cookies. The owners are eclectic and kooky, possibly like a lot of you, and I know I definitely fit in there well. Maybe you’ll find people just like yourself or simply a nice hangout spot for the late hours of the night. Either way, I think you should give it a shot (of espresso). It couldn’t hurt, could it?