Senior uses art as an expression of her mind


Jazlynn Stone, Reporter

What is art?

To senior Alaina Speiser, art is more than just the binding of three letters. It is a way to express herself. Speiser is a 2D artist, which means she both paints and draws.

“Art is a very beautiful way to express yourself,” Speiser said.

Then, there is how the piece is presented and how the audience interprets it — whether that be simple such as happiness or more complex, like sadness, grief or even guilt.

“They can take from it and interpret from their own life and that’s very unique and beautiful…and (art can) create an impact towards other people,” Spieser said.

Art can be a habit for some people, but for Speiser it is much deeper than that, and it all started at a young age.

“I was really intrigued…I was around 7 or 8 and started practicing…I didn’t start getting real serious till around 8th grade,” Spieser said.

There is always that one spark in artists that makes them who they are. According to senior Nick May, Speiser is a different, genuine artist who creates beautiful pieces.

“Even in her landscapes (drawings), I still find emotion…even if she doesn’t mean to put emotion in them,” May said.

Then, there is the creative aspect of artists and how they represent their talents, whether that be through their personality, finished pieces or even both.

“(Creativity) is the one thing that drives her,” May said. 

In other word, art is more than just art for Speiser, its expression.