Junior Carli Church has always been a doodler


Madeline Hittel

Junior Carli Church spends her time expressing herself through her artwork. Church’s art has come a long way since her sophomore year in Anthony Pernell’s class when her doodles were complimented.


“I’ve always been a doodler, but when people started complimenting my little drawings, I started to take on more complex projects,” Church said.


Church spends a lot of time in Pernell’s room working on projects.


“She takes her art more serious since she first started,” Pernell says. “She didn’t have the confidence, but she’s got all of the confidence in the world now.”


She works on her own projects at home, too. She’s done watercolor paintings, but her strongest form of art is drawing with pencil. She has never attempted sculpting.


“I do little projects of my own at home for like 10 minutes until I get distracted with something else,” Church said.


As much as Church loves her art, she does not plan to do anything art related as a career. She does in fact plan to sell some of her art, though she doesn’t currently sell any of her work.


“No (I don’t plan to have art involved with my career), but I’ll definitely continue drawing for fun and maybe sell a few here and there,” Church said.
Church is currently working on a colored pencil drawing of teeth chewing on a piece of ice.