Funkyard is a mess of artists


Madeline Steward

Art and coffee, what more could someone ask for? When these two things are blended together, it can create a wonderful combination. This is exactly what is provided at the Funkyard Cafe.

The Funkyard Cafe is located in Fountain Square. It provides wonderful coffee and treats for all seasons. The relaxing vibe within the coffee shop hits you as soon as you enter.

As any coffee shop, Funkyard Cafe provides coffee, but unlike most, it also has milkshakes, espresso shakes, and chai lattes. For the summer, they have soda floats, smoothies and ice cream. They also provide hot chocolate and teas for the winter to help keep warm, making this an ideal year-around attraction. If there is something you desire which is not on the menu, the cafe is more than happy to whip it up for you.

Personally, every time I have gone, I ordered the espresso shake with the coffee beans left in the shake. This is a combination of vanilla ice cream and espresso beans with a hint of delicious. This is definitely my favorite drink, but it’s more of a summer-only drinking, providing a nice cool refreshment for the hot days.

No matter what treat you crave, you can count on it being nice and fresh. Funkyard obtains their chocolate from Greenfield, Indiana and their coffee beans from Bee Coffee Roasters found in Indianapolis. Their options vary from habañero chocolate to sweet toffee rectangles to fill all your sweet or spicy needs.   

Although the smell of espresso and the sight of gelato will definitely grasp your senses, the great coffee will not be what holds your attention; the display of art surrounding you will.

The Funkyard Cafe prides themselves on featuring and supporting local artists. The featured art varies from paintings, sculptures, jewelry and so much more. Not only is the unique art pleasing to the eye while drinking your coffee, it’s also for sale. The price of the art can range from $10, usually jewelry, to $150, mostly sculptures and paintings.

Currently SHS alumni William Denton Ray is one of the featured artists. Ray is one of Art Teacher’s Mr. Pernell’s old students, and has taken what he learned here at SHS to the real world. His paintings are hung up around one of the booths located inside the coffee shop and can be purchased within the store or online.

To make the customers feel even more involved with the art, the first Friday of every month, the coffee shop has a meet and greet with a new artist they will be displaying. This not only brings service to the Funkyard Cafe, but it also helps the customers meet local artists, which can always be exciting.

If art isn’t exactly your forte, they also offer music. Currently, they will sell vinyl records, ranging in all types of music from Tupac to Kiss. The records are relatively pretty cheap, making it possible to find classic albums for less than $15.