Ceramics as a career or as a hobby?


Jazlynn Stone

From sitting in a red chair for an hour and a half listening to nonstop lectures, and to moving into a free-willed environment, things are liable to get sticky.


One of the art classes provided at SHS is Ceramics. There are students who find it more as a hobby while others find it relaxing and a possible career in the future.

Sophomore Kaylee Lowe feels as though art is a hobby.


“I like the class but it isn’t something that I would see in the future,” Lowe said.


According to Lowe, one of her best sculpted pieces were the Minions from “Despicable Me.”


So if Lowe feels that art is a hobby, then what is the other side of this story?   


“Expressing yourself in anyway you want to…it could be writing, sculpting, drawing, anything.” junior Andrea Graef said, explaining what art is to her.


Graef, who also takes ceramics class, feels like art can be her future career. Art is also a big part of her family and an addition to her motivation towards such expression.


“My parents…they’re creative…they’re my motivation,” Graef said.


Other than art being a way to express yourself, Graef feels as though sculpting can release stress or frustrations that students might have.


“Maybe not duplicate (emotion), but it gets me in a positive mood..it’s a way to vent or if you’re stressed about school in general it’s a great class to take, so you can zone out and focus on what you’re doing,” Graef said.


According to Graef, Ceramics class is more free-willed, but certain suggestions are given to the students by their teacher, Bruce Thompson.


“He gives you the criteria to get a good grade. Then there is little touches that you should add in…you get to make it whatever theme you want,” Graef said.  


They (students) need to be able to do thing that require manual dexterity, pay attention to detail, quality of their work, proper technique application, According to Mr. Thompson.
Other than the given criteria, Ceramics is free-willed and requires a big use of students’ imaginations, including creativity. Ceramics class can help students release stress and can become a hobby. According to Lowe, it is something to pass the time and do something different outside of her regular course classes. This class can even motivate students to have art as their career, according to Graef.