Freshman figure roller skates

Jazlynn Stone

New people, new atmospheres, music and roller skates…

SHS freshman Hannah Garrett roller skates not just for fun, but because it is a passion that has been running through her family, five years and counting. A talent that has been growing since she was a little girl.

“My dad was a world class skater when he was it was kind of running in my family and I was introduced to it…I have been skating since I was six,” Garrett said.

According to Garrett, last year she participated in a  state roller skating competition located in Albuquerque, New Mexico placing fifth out of 36 other contestants.

According to Rick Garrett, Hannah’s dad, Hannah is training to compete in the 2016 National Roller Skating Championship, located in Lincoln, Nebraska.  

According to Hannah Garrett, With her dad as her coach, there is endless support.

“I try to encourage her through positive reinforcement and solid practice schedules… She skates all throughout the country…Many of our family vacations have been centered around skating championships,” Rick Garrett said.

Not only does Hannah’s dad support her, her mother Mindy Garrett and her brother Matt Garrett have all made sacrifices to allow Hannah to accomplish her dreams and goals in her sport of roller figure skating as well.

According to Rick there are requirements to be followed, such as selecting the right music and choreographing routines that suit his or her personality.

Though this sport has been running in the Garrett family for some time now, nothing is more exciting than seeing someone you love being successful.

“I am proud of her..not only is she carrying my legacy but she is creating her own,” Rick said.