Get fit for the summer

Jazlynn Stone, Reporter

Constant dedication! Daily meal plans! It’s time to get fit!

Some trainers say it is better to work out seven days a week, while others prefer at least three to five days every week.

“I try to work out at least three to four times a week,” said SHS weightlifting trainer Clint Frank.

According to Frank, there are some challenges when working out, such as staying motivated and continuing what you started.

“It’s come to roadblocks…you might hit a plateau or you just get burnt out,” said Frank.

According to Frank, working out makes him feel stronger and overall helps him stay  physically healthy. With a daily routine, like working out during his prep period, if one of his students doesn’t have a partner he will join them and work out after school hours.

SHS senior James Sheets, takes weightlifting  with Frank class and also works out outside of school.

“I work out three times a week, at school and sometimes I go to La Fitness,” said Sheets.

For Sheets it is more than just the workout itself.
“I try to challenge myself…it (working out) turns into a routine,” Sheets said.