Foreign exchange student to return back home for college

Rae Updike, Reporter

Barbara Araujo-Teixeira has attended SHS the entire 2015-2016 school year as a foreign exchange student. This summer Araujo-Teixeira will go back to Brazil. While Araujo-Teixeira plans on coming back to the U.S., she is also planning attend college in Brazil at Sao Paulo State University(UNESP).

“(UNESP) is the best in my country. It’s the five star (college), and it’s free. It’s also really hard to get in, so I’m not sure if I’m going there,” Araujo-Teixeira said.

Araujo-Teixeira decided to go to UNESP for the money as well for the five star rating. Brazil residents are able to attend this college for free, while state residents in America still have a large sum to pay for their education within the U.S.

The application process in for Brazil universities is similar to American applications. A person needs to take two national test, ENEM(a national high school exam), and then a standard college test specifically designed for each university. Araujo-Teixeira plans to study to become a veterinary physician or zoology studies, so she will have to score a 700-800 score on the ENEM, and a 41-71 on the college test. Araujo-Teixeira didn’t have to take the SAT or ACT to get into or apply for UNESP.

“[In America] you have to have good grades. In Brazil it doesn’t matter if you have good grades or not,” Araujo-Teixeira said.

The only application similarity between Brazil and the U.S. is that a person would have to write an essay for any college they choose to attend. College in Brazil was the best option for Araujo-Teixeira but she said she is sure to return to the states following that.